Saturday, December 17, 2011


I met with the Mormons again last night... we had some really good discussion and we really dug into a few of their super messed-up beliefs. Now I want to write it all down before I forget any of it.

Messed-up belief number 1: The Holy Trinity does not exist. They are three separate beings who make up the Godhead (whatever that means). Jesus only describes Himself as divine and as God because He and the Father are "like-minded in intent and purpose". Basically, this means they are polytheists...

Messed-up belief number 2: God did not make the universe out of nothing. There was pre-existing matter that God used to form the world and its inhabitants as we know them today. For now, we'll overlook the fact that this goes against the very basis of religion.

Messed-up belief number 3: God is not omni-anything. He is only able to see and do the things that He does because He is able through the power of the Holy Spirit here on earth, who is merely God's messenger. Continuing on this line of thought, God is also not all-powerful. He is limited.

Messed-up belief number 4: God (the Father, since that clarification is suddenly important being that "God" no longer means the 3 in 1) is rarely present in the Old Testament. All of it is actually Jesus, since we as humans are actually incapable of communicating with God directly, which is why Jesus states that "no one can come to the Father unless through Me."

Messed-up belief number 5: God is comprehensible to us. In fact, we can relate to Him. We can't fully understand Him yet, but we will someday when we get up to Heaven. Not only that, but we are also going to one day be able to "be like Him" and "do as He does".

Messed-up belief number 6: God has a wife somewhere up there. That's how He managed to make all these spirit-children. Jesus was the first-born of the spirit-children, which is why He's the favorite and was given the honor of being our savior down on earth.

Messed-up belief number 7: We are incapable of understanding the Bible on its own, which is why God needed to give Joseph Smith a mass of "special revelations" about things to add to the Bible so that we can understand the true meaning of what the original authors were trying to say.

Messed-up belief number 8: When it says in Genesis that God marked Cain, what that really means is that God turned him black and sent him to Africa or something, which is how we get different skin colors now. Darker skin is God's way of setting someone apart as evil.
And these were just the things that we talked about last night. I was there for not even 2 hours, and we managed to lay out all this crap. This doesn't even go into their belief that they will one day rule their own universe, or their thoughts on the three heavens and the sort-of purgatory area where people get a second chance after death. There are so many areas that we didn't even touch on, and I'm super freakeed out just on what was talked about. No freakin' way am I ever converting to Mormonism. I'm done. DONE. D-U-N... uh, ya know. Done.

Actually, I'm not entirely done. In fact, this afternoon I'm attending a deal where the prophet and the 12 disciples of the Mormon faith are giving a shout-out to all the Mormons in the world via satellite and giving some new commands or something. I don't really know, but I'm curious and have nothing else to do, plus I don't think it counts as entering another house of worship because it's not for service or anything, it's a purely educational experience. We'll see howit goes.
I want to talk to Aaron about all of this. He's the one that knows all the theology and can really dig into the scritures with me. And it would be a great excuse to meet for coffee... Admition time. I had a dream last night where Aaron and I actually got together. Like...okay this is kind of embarrassing to write out, but we were hanging out together at some outdoors location at night and were kind of huddled together. I wasn't cold at all.. I was actually a little warm, but Aaron asked if I was cold and was like, Yep, I'm freezing! And then he put his arms around me and startred running his hands up and down my arms to cause friction, but then somehow we were laying down together and he stopped rubbing, but just kept holding me instead. And I rested my head on his shoulder as we were laying there and he kept holding me tighter. Nothing else happened, but it was so wonderful in the dream.

And I woke up feeling so elated. There was such a feeling throughout the whole dream where he really liked me, that he had been subtly trying to notice him for a while now... Dang, I hate waking up.

So i went to the Mormon deal. It was pretty boring. Also not as edcational as I was hoping/expecting. All I really got out of it is that Mormons are sexist, because none of the 12 apostles or the prophet is or ever was female. What, do they think that God can't talk to women too? The other thing that I found drom it is that they seriously love having kids. They took God's command to Adam and Eve to "go forth and multipy" to heart. Seriously, they recited the verse like 10 times. They believe that God has called them to "replenish the earth". The whole time I was just thinking, Uh, have you seen the over-population statistics lately guys? Trust me when I say, Mission accomplished, okay?

The other thing that really stuck out to me was that in the middle of the conference, everyone stood and sang a song of worship to the prophet, literally singing Hail to the prophet, and some stuff about his assension into heaven one day. I could add this to the "messed-up beliefs" checklist.

Not too much more to say on it, which is good because I'm exhausted. Got a second job tonight working as a waitress at Birdees. Worked 5 hours and my feet and whole body really, are kind of killing me. I was going to read the Bible a little before konking out, but I just don't think I have the energy. I also work tomorrow night, which is Sunday. That means I get to miss the evening service, which I'm really only disappointed about because that means I won't get to hang out with Aaron. Oh well. Maybe I'll text him this week and try to get together for coffee or something. More "theology talk" heheh.

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